MAY//Fleshies//Tacomas for Lovers//Shannon Shaw//TNPLAT

Well here is another month that is packed full of events!

Friday May 3rd we will have our friends Fleshies, Bad Sleep, Quid Quo in town! Show will be at 7pm All ages $8! Flyer art done by LUKA and adult font done by PAT.


This weekend is Tacoma’s for Lovers or favorite Artists and Crafts Fair that happens in our building. We will extend our hours to 11-7pm on Saturday May 4th and Sunday May 5th to host some cool local artists in our space!


Sunday May 12th we will be hosting Shannon Shaw! Our friend Josie Trueblood will be opening the show! Show will start at 7pm like normal. If there’s tickets available at the door it will be $18! Get tickets while they last


Sunday May 18th we will be tabling records and stuff for There’s No Place like America Today at the Vera Project. It will be from noon to midnight. BUNCH of cool things will be going on. Check out the event for more details!

There's No Place likE America Today.jpg
Taiga Dinger